Obamacare Exchanges – Sticker Shock for Young People?

As I looked through the links on this website tonight, I came across the headline on the Civitas Review website, “Young People May Get Sticker Shock from Obamacare Exchanges”.  The article looked like something that should be part of the debate that is going around and that people younger than I should at least have a look at.  I’m often left wondering if college students have time, between classes and social lives, to think much about this.  This article is written by a young woman, who by her own description is a recent college graduate.  I’ll give you a snippet and let you follow the link if you are interested.  GCGOP

Young People May Get Sticker Shock from Obamacare Exchanges –  Melissa Barnes, Civitas Review

“As a recent college graduate, the looming implementation of the Affordable Care Act, “ObamaCare”, quite frankly scares me. It is no secret that jobs are hard to come by these days, especially for those who are fresh out of college. Not only do we have to worry about finding a job in order to pay off our mounds of student loans, but now we also have to worry about rising costs in health care.

ObamaCare is set to take effect in approximately four days. What exactly does this mean for the younger generation when it comes to their health care costs? My recent findings, via a college friend, are frightening.

A July 2013 study from the U.S. Government Accountability Office lays out the Annual Base Premiums prior to underwriting…..


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