Who is Saeed Abedini?

I’ve been long absent from the blog with the busy-ness of life, of work, home, church and spring gardening and sometimes with the thought of the possibility of the house falling down around my ears if I don’t tackle the repairs.  I tend to think the same about the website and the blog from time to time and come to see if I can rescue it all.

In all of the chaos of life around, I have not missed the many cries from family and friends and those who care deeply about a man from Boise, Idaho, a citizen of the United States just like most of the people who will read this blog, who has been held in an Iranian prison for 225 days.  He just spent his 33rd birthday in solitary confinement.  The one bright spot in this very long ordeal, and an answer to many prayers and much effort on his behalf, is that on May 9th, he was released from solitary confinement – not released to go home or to visit his family in Iran or to walk around as a free U.S. citizen in a foreign country (or his own country), but not currently in the small dark hole where he can’t even talk to his children.  His health is bad because of physical mistreatment and he likely needs to be treated at a hospital, but they won’t allow that.

I want to give you a link here to let you read a little more about Saeed Abedini and the protection he is receiving as a citizen of the United States and along with that, a parallel story of the U.S. response to violence against another American citizen – in the year 1858.  This story is told by the blog over at the Heritage Foundation  – and then don’t forget to pray and write and call to see if you can help this man and his family as much as you would like to be helped if it were you or if it was your son or husband or father….. (read more)



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