Government-Run Healthcare – Is It Really Free?

I’ve talked with friends from the UK about free healthcare there and with a friend who just lost his father-in-law in Ukraine while bribing the doctors to treat the man – in a free healthcare country.  I’ve just read an article about the huge problem with the sick – elderly and young people – in hospitals and nursing care facilities in the UK, where people have died of starvation and dehydration. One young man died of dehydration while begging for water.  His parents were told that he was mentally unstable – so he didn’t know that he needed a drink of water?

That’s free healthcare.  It’s neither free nor good.  It’s not sustainable or survivable.  At what cost in lives and health will we take on ‘free’ healthcare?

We might have problems with healthcare in the US, but we don’t know anything yet.  If the government run healthcare that we are looking at becomes permanent, we will find out just how great ‘free’ healthcare really is.

The following is an article written by Daniel J Mitchell of

“Wanna Die?  Try Government-Run Healthcare”

“I’m not a fan of the American healthcare system. It suffers from huge inefficiencies because of problems such as third-party payer, which is caused by government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid along with a system of tax code-driven over-insurance in the supposedly private sector.

But regardless of how much I grouse about the damage government causes in the United States, I can say with considerable confidence that the government-run system in the United Kingdom has even larger problems.

Here are some of the shocking details from a report in the UK-based Daily Mail.”

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